psilocybin summit

September 17th to 20th, 2020

Accepting Applications for Presenters and Sponsors

Discover the potential for spiritual Growth and Healing with Psilocybin from your own home.

The potential for emotional healing and spiritual growth using psychedelics and plant medicine is enormous. Countless studies show huge benefits. Personal anecdotes reveal radically changed lives. After being underground for so long, this ancient wisdom is finally becoming available to everyone.

In this four day online conference, we will explore the many fascinating facets of psilocybin mushrooms. We will discover methods for creating ceremony and holding a safe space. We’ll look at the work of top researchers in the field. We’ll explore history, learning about traditional and indigenous use. We’ll learn about efforts to change policy around the world so that all of us can have access to this safe, life affirming medicine.

Far from being a societal danger or a health issue, psilocybin has been shown to be one of the safest substances that people can take either recreationally or therapeutically. This summit will show how experts engage intelligently with protocols designed to elicit profound transformation.

Our experts invite you into a mind expanding adventure into the realms of psychedelic awareness

Participants will learn about:

→ Best practices, safe use, and managing worst case scenarios
→ Policy, reclassification for medical use, and decriminalization efforts
→ Leading edge research on psilocybin and depression
→ Cultivation
→ Facilitating powerful experiences
→ Creating ceremony
→ Traditional culture, ritual, and practice of the Mazatec

2020 presenters

More Presenters Added Regularly


Alchemist, Researcher

rosalia acosta

Rosalía Acosta

Psychologist, La Salle University

Sarai Piña Alancatara

Sarai Piña Alcántara

National School of Anthropology and History of Mexico City

Caine Barlow

Guerrilla Mycology
Entheogenesis Australis
The Australian Psychedelic Society
MYCOmmunity Applied Mycology

Françoise Bourzat

Author, Consciousness Medicine

Julie & Jerry Brown

Coauthors, The Psychedelic Gospels

kyle buller

Kyle Buller

Psychedelics Today

Dr. Ido Cohen

The Integration Circle

mike crowley

Mike Crowley

Author, The Secret Drugs of Buddhism

Alan Davis

The Ohio State University
John Hopkins University

Katrina Davis

Katrina Davis

Time Out LA’s
Comedians to Watch 2019

Inti Garcia

Inti García

Mazatec historical archive Renato García Dorantes

nicolle greenheart

Mohawk Greene

Outreach Coordinator for DanceSafe
President of New York DanceSafe
Technical Program Manager at NEXT Distro

nicolle greenheart

Nicolle Greenheart

Community Steward
Sacred Garden Community
reggie harris

Reggie Harris

Founder, Oakland Hyphae
Blooming Nature Team, Sacred Garden Community

Kufikiri Imara

Warrior Poet
Blooming Being Team, Sacred Garden Community

mazin jamal

Mazin Jamal

Founder, Holistic Underground
Integrity Strategist, iIndividual

Charlotte James

The Sabina Project

kyle buller

Michelle Janikian

Author, Journalist

Rabbi Zac Kamenetz

Founder, CEO, Shefa

myq kaplan

Myq Kaplan

Broccoli & Ice Cream Podcast

Emma Kaywin

EdD student at Teachers College, Columbia University

Jahan Khamsehzadeh, Ph.D.

Atman Retreats

Tom Lane

Author, Sacred Mushroom Rituals: The Search for the Blood of Quetzalcoatl

britta love

Britta Love

Writer, Activist, Healer

shane mauss

Shane Mauss

Host, Here We Are Podcast

James McConchie

Owner, Haight Street Shroom Shop

joe moore

Joe Moore

Founder, Psychedelics Today

Danielle Negrin

Executive Director
San Francisco Psychedelic Society


Holistic Birth Doula
Entheogenic Midwife

Soma Phoenix

Psilly Girls
margaret ross

Dr. Margaret Ross

Senior Clinical Psychologist/ Research Co-ordination Psychosocial Cancer Care & Palliative Medicine
St. Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne

Deborah Servetnick

Certified Life Coach, Brave Thinking Institute
Baltimore Psychedelic Society leadership

Daniel Sitaram Das Shankin

Tam Integration

Pauline Smith

CEO, Association of Mushroom Producers LT

C.J. Spotswood


bob otis stanley

Paul Stamets

Founder, Funghi Perfecti

bob otis stanley

Robert 'Bob Otis' Stanley

Steward, Sacred Garden Community

Julian Vayne

Author, Occultist


Taraleigh Weathers

Sparkle Fairy

Seth Warner


Bett Williams

Author, The Wild Kindness

abdul wilkins

Abdul Duli Wilkins

The Ghetto Beantown Shaman
Intuitive Healer

Tolga Yenilmez

Dr. Tolga Yenilmez

Author, TORA: Opening Secrets of the Tarot
Sound Healer, Shamanic Practitioner

simon yugler

Simon Yugler

Initiations Counseling, depth psychotherapist
Co-Founder, Portland Integration Network