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Scholarships to Polaris Trainings

We’re giving away scholarships to two programs courtesy of our sponsor, Polaris Insight!

There are two scholarships available, one for “Creating Playlists” and one for “Healing the Healer”. Learn about Polaris and their trainings here:

To be eligible for the scholarships you must:

1) Attend the Psilocybin Summit

2) Be a psychedelic healing professional. You do not need to be a licensed therapist. All forms of psychedelic healing work is eligible.

3)Fill out the form Below

Mystery Box of Sacred Plants from Botanical Solutions

We’re Giving away $350 worth of Sacred Plants to an Attendee of the Psilocybin Summit, courtesy of Botanical Solutions.

Thank you to Botanical Solutions – Link

Autographed Copy of Gordon Wasson’s Soma

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