ASL  & Spanish Translation Schedule

(American Sign Language)
Tam Integration wants these teaching to be accessible

12 Talks with ASL

4 Talks with Spanish Translations

(Times in Pacific Time)

For events with 4+ presenters, you will need to view via your desktop to see all presenters, artists and translators at once.


Andi Wesley

Andi Wesley


Sara Barbosa

Sara Barbosa


Thursday, September 16th 

9:00am – Opening Circle – ASL

10:15am – Transpersonal Ecodelia – ASL

11:30pm – The Mazatec Velada – Spanish

3:15pm – Mushrooms, Harmine, and Other Entheogens – Spanish

4:30pm – Psychedelics and the Default Mode Network – ASL

Friday, September 17th

9:00am – Creating Symbiotic Relationships with Mushrooms – ASL

10:15am – Listening to the Spirit of the Mushroom – ASL

1:30pm – Psilocybin Mushrooms of North America – ASL

3:15pm – Ritual Use of Mushrooms – Spanish

4:30pm – The Mind of Gaia – ASL

Saturday, September 18th

7:45am – Don’t Tread on the Frog – ASL

11:30am – Adapting a Neurohacking Mindset for Psychedelic Healing

2:45pm – Psychedelic Feminism – ASL


Sunday, September 19th

7:45am – Entheogens and Spiritual Science – ASL

10:15am – Supporting Childbirth with Psilocybin – Spanish

11:30am – Beyond the Narrow Life – ASL



Additional Spanish Translation


9am – Natasja Pelgrom

11:30am – Laura Dawn

3:15pm – Zoe Helene


7:45am – Kamya Buch

10:15am – Mikaela Valentino

11:30am – Kile Ortigo